Top tips for nominating

Here are some hints and tips to make sure your nomination is as good as it can be for the Scotlands' Champion.

Creating a winning nomination takes time and consideration, getting to the point and being able to back up what you say.

As the old saying goes, if something is worth doing it's worth doing well. Give yourself ample time to consider your thoughts on why you are nominating this individual, group or business. Let us know what they have achieved that has exceeded expectations and why they deserve to be named as one of Scotland's Champions.

Sounds straightforward but make sure you choose the category that is best suited to your nominee. Judges want to look at nominations that are relevant to the specific award criteria - it shows you care about your nomination.

When you have completed your nomination - read it back and make sure what you have written is truthful. The information in your nomination may be all the judges have when making their final decisions so add as much relevant detail as possible.

When you've worked so closely on a project it's difficult to see errors or omissions - ask a friend or family member to look over your nomination. They may recommend including something that you haven't thought of.

Don't scrimp on the details. Before you press send, give your nomination a final proof for spelling and grammar and read it aloud - it is such a useful way to make sure your sentences make sense. Rewrite parts if necessary - the attention to detail will be worth it.